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              Title: Dr. Henry Foster and His Family on Porch of Bozeman Sanitarium, Bozeman, Montana   Date: ca 1890s   Location: Bozeman, Montana   Photographer: Lamme, Maurice
Description: Dr. Henry Foster (1858-1902) built the Bozeman Sanitarium on the corner of Lamme and South Tracy in the late 1880s or 1890s. This was Bozeman's first centralized health facility. After his death, Dr. Foster's widow sold it to Dr. J.F. Blair in 1902 and it later became Bozeman Deaconess Hospital. Mabel Foster (1883-1942), his daughter, is third from the left. Vintage 5x7 in. glass negative.
Format: image/jpeg    Source: Maurice Lamme Collection
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Catalog Number: x81.25.215   
Subjects: Hospitals--Bozeman | Hospitals--Sanitariums | Housing--Bozeman | Physicians | 
Surname:   Foster, %   Foster, Dr. Henry   Foster, Mabel 
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