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              Title: John M. Bozeman, Bozeman, Montana Territory   Date: ca 1865   Location: Bozeman, Montana Territory   Photographer: McLachlan
Description: John M. Bozeman (1835-1867), blazed the Bozeman Trail in 1863. Founded Bozeman, Montana Territory, in 1864. He lived to be only 32 years old - he was killed in 1867, and his death was blamed on Indians. The circumstances of his death pressured the Army to establish Fort Ellis to protect settlers of the area. Vintage 8x10 in. copy print, 4x5 in. copy negative
Format: image/jpeg    Source: McGill Collection
Rights: Copyright restrictions available from the Museum of the Rockies Photo Archive   
Catalog Number: x83.13.1541   
Subjects: Men--Portraits | 
Surname:   Bozeman, John M. 
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