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Benjamin F. Fridley, Bozeman, Montana Territory
              Title: Benjamin F. Fridley, Bozeman, Montana Territory   Date: ca 1878   Location: Bozeman, Montana Territory   Photographer: Hamilton, S.C.R.
Description: Benjamin F. Fridley (1853-1890), city marshal of Bozeman. Eldest son of Franklin Fridley, who, in 1864, built the third house in Bozeman. Vintage 3.5x8 in. card photograph, 4x5 in. copy negative.
Format: image/jpeg    Source: McGill Collection
Rights: Copyright restrictions available from the Museum of the Rockies Photo Archive   
Catalog Number: x83.13.1885   
Subjects: Men--Portraits | Musical Instruments--Baritone | Uniforms--Bands | 
Surname:   Fridley, Benjamin F. 
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