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Lieutenant Colonel Baker and Officers, Fort Ellis, Montana Territory
              Title: Lieutenant Colonel Baker and Officers, Fort Ellis, Montana Territory   Date: 1871   Location: Fort Ellis, Montana Territory   Photographer: Jackson, William Henry
Description: Fort Ellis was an Army fort from 1867 to 1886. Left to right: Frank C. Grugan (1842-1917), 1st Lt., 2nd Cavalry; Lewis T. Thompson (1838-1876), Capt. 2nd Cavalry; George H. Wright, 2nd Lt., 7th Infantry; Gustavus Cheyney Doane (1840-1892), 2nd Lt. 2nd Cavalry; Lewis Cass Forsyth (1831-1902), Capt., acting Quartermaster; A.B. Campbell, Asst. Surgeon; Dr.R.M. Whitewood, Contract Physician; Sam T. Hamilton (1844-1906), 1st Lt. 2nd Cavalry; Col. Eugene M. Baker (1836-1884) in command of post Dec. 1, 1869-Oct. 15, 1872; Edward Ball, Capt. 2nd Cavalry; Lovell H. Jerome (1849-1935), 2nd Lt. 2nd Cavalry (rear); George L. Tyler (1839-1881), Capt. 2nd Cavalry; Edward J. McClernand (1848-1926), 2nd Lt. 2nd Cavalry; Charles B. Schofield (1849-1901), 2nd Lt., 2nd Cavalry. Taken by W.H. Jackson during the 1871 Hayden Expedition. Vintage 8x10 in. albumen print, 4x5 in. copy negative.
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Subjects: Animals--Dogs | Forts and Fortifications | Physicians | Soldiers--Military Life | Uniforms--Military | 
Surname:   Baker, Col. Eugene M.   Ball, Edward   Campbell, A. B.   Doane, Gustavus Cheyney   Forsyth, Lewis Cass   Grugan, Frank C.   Hamilton, Sam T.   Jerome, Lovell H.   McClerand, Edward J.   Schofield, Charles B.   Thompson, Lewis   Tyler, George L.   Whitewood, R. M.   Wright, George H. 
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