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  320 Ranch, near Big Sky, Montana
Absaroka Mountains, Montana
Absarokee, Montana
Ada, Ohio
Alberta, Canada
Alder Gulch, Virginia City, Montana Territory
Alzada, Montana
Anaconda, Montana
Anceney, Montana
Bannack, Montana
Barber, Montana
Bear Creek, Montana Territory
Beartooth Mountains, Montana
Beartooth Mountains, Wyoming
Beartrap Canyon, Montana
Beaver Creek, Montana
Belgrade, Montana
Belly Buttes, Alberta, Canada
Benbrook, Unknown
Berlin, Germany
Big Horn Mountains, Montana
Big Sandy, Montana
Big Timber, Montana
Bighorn Battlefield, Montana Territory
Billings, Montana
Bisbee, Arizona
Blackfeet Indian Reservation, Montana
Boulder, Montana
Box Elder, Montana
Bozeman, Montana
Bozeman, Montana Territory
Bridger Canyon, Montana
Bridger Canyon, Montana Territory
Bridger Mountain Range, Montana
British Columbia, Canada
Broadus, Montana
Browning, Montana
Burke, Idaho Territory
Butte, Montana
Butte, Montana Territory
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Cameron, Montana
Canyon Ferry, Montana Territory
Canyon Ferry Dam, Montana Territory
Champion, Powell County, Montana
Cherry Creek, Montana
Cheyenne, Wyoming Territory
Chico, Montana
Cimarron, Colorado
Clallam, Washington
Coeur dAlene, Idaho Territory
Cokedale, Montana
Columbia, Missouri
Colville, Washington
Cooke City, Montana
Crow Agency, Montana
Crow Agency, Montana Territory
Dakota Territory, North Dakota
Dearborn, Montana
Deer Lodge, Montana
Deer Lodge, Montana Territory
Dillon, Montana
East Rosebud Lake, Montana
Ekalaka, Montana
Elkhorn, Montana Territory
Emigrant Canyon, Montana
Ennis, Montana
Ennis, Montana Territory
Flathead Indian Reservation, Montana
Flathead Lake, Montana
Flathead Pass, Montana
Fort Bowie, Arizona
Fort Ellis, Montana Territory
Fort Keogh, Montana
Fort Keogh, Montana Territory
Fort Sill, Oklahoma
Fort Spokane, Washington Territory
Fort Union, Montana
Gallatin Canyon, Montana
Gallatin Canyon, Montana, Montana
Gallatin City, Montana
Gallatin City, Montana Territory
Gallatin County, Montana
Gallatin Gateway, Montana
Gallatin National Forest, Montana
Gallatin Range, Montana
Gallatin Valley, Montana
Gallop, Flathead Pass, Montana
Gardiner, Montana
Garryowen, Montana
Georgetown Lake, Montana
Gilman, Montana
Glacier National Park, Montana
Grand River, South Dakota
Great Falls, Montana
Harlowton, Montana
Havre, Montana
Hebgen Dam, Montana
Helena, Montana
Helena, Montana Territory
Highlands, New York
Hyalite Canyon, Montana
Jack Creek, Montana
Jeffers, Montana
Jefferson County, Montana
Jordan, Montana
Kendall, Montana
Lebanon, Missouri
Lennep, Montana
Lewistown, Montana
Livingston, Montana
Lodge Grass, Montana
Logan, Montana
Lombard, Montana
Madison Canyon, Montana
Madison Range, Montana
Madison River, Montana
Madison Valley, Montana
Mammoth Hot Springs, Wyoming
Mandan, North Dakota
Manhattan, Montana
Manhattan, Montana Territory
McAllister, Montana
Miles City, Montana
Miles City, Montana Territory
Milk River, Montana Territory
Mill Creek, Montana
Missoula, Montana
Missoula, Montana Territory
Missouri River, Montana
Murray, Idaho Territory
Musselshell River Valley, Montana
Mystic Lake, Montana
New Orleans, Louisiana
New York, New York
Nez Perce Indian Reservation, Idaho
Nez Perce Indian Reservation, Washington
Nez Perce Reservation, Idaho
Nome, Alaska
North Yakima City, Washington Territory
Northwestern, Montana
Ontario, Canada
Orland, California
Paradise Valley, Montana
Paradise Valley, Montana Territory
Ponca City, Oklahoma
Pony, Montana
Pony, Montana Territory
Powder River, Montana Territory
Pryor Gap, Montana
Ravalli, Montana
Red Bluff, Montana
Rocky Boy, Montana
Rudyard, Montana
Ryegate, Montana
Sage Creek, Montana
Salesville, Montana
Salesville, Montana Territory
San Carlos, Arizona
San Francisco, California
Selesia, Germany
Snake River, Idaho
Spanish Peaks, Montana
Spokane, Washington
Spokane, Washington Territory
Sprague, Washington Territory
Springhill, Montana
Springhill, Montana Territory
St. Ignatius, Montana
St. Marys, Montana
St. Paul, Minnesota
St. Xavier, Montana
Standing Rock Agency, North Dakota
Stevensville, Montana
Stillwater Valley, Montana
Storrs, Montana
Strickland Creek, Montana
Sweetgrass County, Montana
Taylor Peaks, Montana
Thextondale, Montana
Thompson Falls, Montana
Three Forks, Montana
Timberline, Montana Territory
Tom Minor Basin, Montana
Trident, Montana
Twin Bridges, Montana
Umatilla, Oregon
Umatilla Indian Reservation, Oregon
Uniontown, Washington Territory
Unknown, Colorado
Unknown, Idaho
Unknown, Iowa
Unknown, Montana
Unknown, Montana Territory
Unknown, Oklahoma
Unknown, Oregon
Unknown, South Dakota
Unknown, Unknown
Unknown, Utah
Unknown, Washington
Unknown, Wyoming
Utica, Montana
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Varney, Montana
Victor , Montana Territory
Virginia City, Montana
Virginia City, Montana Territory
Wapato, Washington
Waterton Lake, Alberta, Canada
West Gallatin Canyon, Montana
West Gallatin Range, Montana
West Yellowstone, Montana
Wheatland County, Montana
Wheatland Valley, Montana
White Sulphur Springs, Montana
Whitehall, Montana
Willow Creek, Montana
Willow Creek, Montana Territory
Wolf Creek, Montana
Worden, Montana
Yakima City, Washington Territory
Yankee Jim Canyon, Montana Territory
Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming Territory
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Title: Sarah Pierstorff, Cheyenne, Wyoming Territory
Date: 1869 
Location: Cheyenne, Wyoming Territory
Photographer: Crissman, Joshua
Description: Sarah Pierstorff (1827- ) arrived in Bozeman in 1864. Her husband, Andrew Pierstorff worked at the Spieth & Krug Brewery on Main Street in Bozeman. Vintage 2.5x4 in.
Format: image/jpeg
Source: Museum of the Rockies Photo Archive
Rights: Copyright restrictions available from the Museum of the Rockies Photo Archive
Catalog Number: x85.3.627 


 Museum of the Rockies, Montana State University - Bozeman