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  Alderson, William White
Arctic Studio
Ball, A. P., Eaton Rapids, Michigan
Barry, D. F.
Bell, A. H., Mayes Jay J., Bloomington, Illinois
Benjamin, Livingston, Montana
Bennett, J.J.
Berg, J. A.
Berkin, Boulder
Berkin, John
Brown, Bert
Brown, St. Paul
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Burnham, Faribault, Minnesota
Byron, Elsa Spear
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Carolus, George
Carpenter, G.E.
Chadborne, Fond Bulac
Choal, J. N.
Cobleigh, William
Cooper, Walter
Coulter Studio, Lewistown
Crissman, Joshua
Cross, W. R.
Davies, W.J.
Dawson, R. W., Little Rock, Arkansas
DeMonat, O.B.
Detroit Publishing Company
Dorothy Pennock Nile
Doubleday, Ralph R.
Dowe, O. L.
Durland, Harriet Brayton
Dusenberry, Verne
Dusseau and Thomson
Dutro, Dan
Eckert, M. A.
Elite Studio, Butte
Elliott, Deer Lodge
Eskildsen, Waucoma, Iowa
Fly, C. S.
Ford, G. W.
Foreman, Albert
Forsyth, N.A.
Foss, A.S., Glendive
Genelli Studio
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Gottschalck, August
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Harbert, J.
Hawes, Imperial Studio
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Hawks, M.E., Red Lodge
Haynes, F. Jay
Haynes, Jack E.
Haynes, Palace Studio Car
Haynes, St. Paul, Minnesota
Hazeltine Studio
Hazeltine, Baker City, Oregon
Hazeltine, Virginia City
Herbert, AZ
Hileman, T.J.
Hillberg, James
Hower, A. B., Deer Lodge
Huffman, Layton A.
Ingersoll View Company
Jackson, William Henry
Johnson, Jessamine Speare
Kaufmann and Fabry Co.
Keystone View Company
Kilburn, Benjamin W.
Kinsey, Charles A.
Lamme, Maurice
Latham, Edward H.
Lawson, A.J.
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Linfield, F. Bertil
Loryea of Spokane
Loughrey, Charles D.
Lowry, H. J.
Lyons Studio
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Marsh, D.
McCaffie and Thompson, Missoula
McKay Art Co.
Merrill, Edgar Bruce
Miller and Chase
Montana State College Extension
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Morgan, W.C.
Morris, Charles E.
Murphy, Mabel Reinig
National Photo Co., New York
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Ollivier, New York
Olson, Niels
Pach Bros.
Pickett, J. M.
Potter, G.W.
Randall, A. Frank
Reinig, Edward M.
Rice and Hower, Deer Lodge
Rice, Henry Martin
Richardson, Bozeman
Rider, Chicago, IL
Rieman, San Francisco, California
Rothstein, Arthur
Ruder, Mel
Rumsey and Anderson
Rumsey, Anderson and Co.
Rutter, Thos. H.
Savage, R., Salt Lake City, Utah
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Schlechten, Albert
Schlechten, Alfred
Schlechten, Chris
Schmit, H.
Schoettner, E. K.
Schultz, Jessie Donaldson
Shipler, H.
Shiplers, Salt Lake City, Utah
Showell, J.G.
Sloan, James J.
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Smithworth, J. W.
Snook, George J.
Sorboe, Thomas E.
Sproule Studio
Steeb, C. T.
Swan, K.D.
Taylor, Helena
Thompson, D. P.
Thornwood Series Gems
Torkel Korling, Chicago
Underwood and Underwood
Unknown Photographer
W. Peppets Art Galley
Walsh, F. J.
Webster and Albee
Weenink, Dillon
Weingartner, Leo, Ohio
White, H. C.
Whitham, James Campbell
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Wing Studio
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Wolfe, Lancaster, Ohio
Yale, William S.
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   Photographer Search - Jackson, William Henry
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Title: Lieutenant Colonel Baker and Officers, Fort Ellis, Montana Territory
Date: 1871 
Location: Fort Ellis, Montana Territory
Photographer: Jackson, William Henry
Description: Fort Ellis was an Army fort from 1867 to 1886. Left to right: Frank C. Grugan (1842-1917), 1st Lt., 2nd Cavalry; Lewis T. Thompson (1838-1876), Capt. 2nd Cavalry; George H. Wright, 2nd Lt., 7th Infantry; Gustavus Cheyney Doane (1840-1892), 2nd Lt. 2nd Cavalry; Lewis Cass Forsyth (1831-1902), Capt., acting Quartermaster; A.B. Campbell, Asst. Surgeon; Dr.R.M. Whitewood, Contract Physician; Sam T. Hamilton (1844-1906), 1st Lt. 2nd Cavalry; Col. Eugene M. Baker (1836-1884) in command of post Dec. 1, 1869-Oct. 15, 1872; Edward Ball, Capt. 2nd Cavalry; Lovell H. Jerome (1849-1935), 2nd Lt. 2nd Cavalry (rear); George L. Tyler (1839-1881), Capt. 2nd Cavalry; Edward J. McClernand (1848-1926), 2nd Lt. 2nd Cavalry; Charles B. Schofield (1849-1901), 2nd Lt., 2nd Cavalry. Taken by W.H. Jackson during the 1871 Hayden Expedition. Vintage 8x10 in. albumen print, 4x5 in. copy negative.
Format: image/jpeg
Source: McGill Collection
Rights: Copyright restrictions available from the Museum of the Rockies Photo Archive
Catalog Number: x83.13.948 
Title: Town of Cimarron, Colorado
Date: ca 1885 
Location: Cimarron, Colorado
Photographer: Jackson, William Henry
Description: Town of Cimarron, Colorado, southwest of Denver, near Route 50. It was a railroad town that is now maintained by the NPS with a visitor center. The last train ran from Gunnison to Cimarron in 1949. Vintage 10.75x6.75 in. Imperial Cabinet Card.
Format: image/jpeg
Source: Rice Family Archive, Credit Line: Courtesy of the Rice Family Archive
Rights: Copyright restrictions available from the Museum of the Rockies Photo Archive
Catalog Number: 2017.4.11 
Title: Chief Buckskin Charley, Ute name Sapiah, Colorado
Date: 1900 
Location: Unknown, Colorado
Photographer: Jackson, William Henry
Description: Chief Buckskin Charley aka Sapiah (1840-1936) was the leader of the Southern Ute tribe from 1880 until his death in 1936. Vintage 7x8.5 in. print.
Format: image/jpeg
Source: Museum of the Rockies Photo Archive
Rights: Copyright restrictions available from the Museum of the Rockies Photo Archive
Catalog Number: x80.15.27 
Title: Ute Chief Sevara and His Family, Unknown Location
Date: 1900 
Location: Unknown,
Photographer: Jackson, William Henry
Description: Ute Chief Sevara and his family portrait. There are six adults, one child about 1 1/2 years old and two infants in cradleboards. Photo by the Detroit Photographic Co. Vintage 9.5x7 in. print.
Format: image/jpeg
Source: Museum of the Rockies Photo Archive
Rights: Copyright restrictions available from the Museum of the Rockies Photo Archive
Catalog Number: x80.15.28 


 Museum of the Rockies, Montana State University - Bozeman