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  Animals--Black Bears
  Automobiles--Service Stations
  Banks and Banking
  Blacksmiths and Blacksmithing
  Boats and Boating
  Boy Scouts
  Business Establishments and Stores
  Camping--Cook Tents
  Carriages and Coaches
  Carts and Wagons
  Carts and Wagons--Sheep Wagon
  Caves--Lewis and Clark
  Children--Clothing and Dress
  City and Town Life--Ekalaka
  City and Town Life--Gardiner
  City and Town Life--Pony
  City Halls--Bozeman
  Clothing and Dress--1870
  Clothing and Dress--1886
  Clothing and Dress--1895
  Clothing and Dress--1896
  Clothing and Dress--1900
  Clothing and Dress--1901
  Clothing and Dress--1902
  Clothing and Dress--1903
  Clothing and Dress--1904
  Clothing and Dress--1905
  Clothing and Dress--1906
  Clothing and Dress--1907
  Clothing and Dress--1909
  Clothing and Dress--1910
  Clothing and Dress--1911
  Clothing and Dress--1914
  Clothing and Dress--1917
  Clothing and Dress--1920
  Clothing and Dress--1924
  Cowboys--Cattle Branding
  Dentists and Dentistry
  Drug Stores
  Eating and Drinking--Picnics
  Family Groups
  Family Groups--Husband and Wife
  Farm Buildings--Barns
  Farm Crops--Hay
  Farm Crops--Peas
  Farm Crops--Potato
  Farm Crops--Wheat
  Farm Machinery and Implements
  Farms and Farming--Farmhouses
  Farms and Farming--Harvest Time
  Farms and Farming--Hay
  Farms and Farming--Peas
  Farms and Farming--Potato
  Farms and Farming--Tilling
  Farms and Farming--Wheat
  Festivals--Sweet Pea
  Fire Engines and Equipment
  Fire Houses
  Fires and Explosions
  Flags--United States
  Forest Service, U.S.
  Forts and Fortifications
  Fraternal Organizations
  Gamblers and Gambling
  Grocery Stores
  Group Portraits
  Guns and Rifles
  Horse Racing
  Hotels and Taverns
  Housing--Gallatin Range
  Housing--Virginia City
  Housing--Willow Creek
  Indians of North America--Blackfeet
  Indians of North America--Camps
  Indians of North America--Costume and Adornment
  Indians of North America--Cree
  Indians of North America--Crow
  Indians of North America--Dances
  Indians of North America--Flathead
  Indians of North America--Gros Ventre
  Indians of North America--Lakota
  Indians of North America--Portraits
  Indians of North America--Sioux
  Indians of North America--Tipis
  Indians of North America--Women
  Industry--Pea Canning
  Interiors--Living Rooms
  Lakes and Ponds
  Lakes and Ponds--Georgetown Lake
  Lakes and Ponds--Hearst Lake
  Lakes and Ponds--Wyoming
  Lakes and Ponds--Yellowstone Lake
  Log Cabins
  Mines and Mining--Coal
  Mines and Mining--Copper
  Mines and Mining--Gold
  Mines and Mining--Gold Panning
  Mining Towns--Butte
  Mining Towns--Cokedale
  Mining Towns--Pony
  Mining Towns--Red Bluff
  Mining Towns--Storrs
  Mountains--Anaconda Range
  Mountains--Anaconda Range--Mount Haggin
  Mountains--Beartrap Canyon
  Mountains--Bridger Canyon
  Mountains--Bridger Range
  Mountains--Castle Rock
  Mountains--Emigrant Peak
  Mountains--Fortress Mountain
  Mountains--Gallatin Canyon
  Mountains--Gallatin Peak
  Mountains--Gallatin Range
  Mountains--Granite Peak
  Mountains--Lone Mountain
  Mountains--Madison Range
  Mountains--Mount Ellis
  Mountains--Mount Peal
  Mountains--Mount Tempest
  Mountains--Spanish Peaks
  Mountains--Storm Castle Mountain
  Mountains--Taylor Peaks
  Mountains--Tobacco Roots
  Mountains--Whitetail Peak
  Mountains--Wyoming--Pilot and Index Peaks
  Musical Instruments--Baritone Horn
  Musical Instruments--Clarinet
  Musical Instruments--Drums
  Musical Instruments--Guitar
  Musical Instruments--Organ
  Musical Instruments--Trumpet
  Musical Instruments--Violin
  National Guard
  National Parks and Reserves--Montana--Glacier
  National Parks and Reserves--Wyoming--Yellowstone
  Opera Houses--Bozeman
  Parades and Processions
  Photography--Studios and Darkrooms
  Post Office Buildings--Benbrook
  Post Office Buildings--Bozeman
  Post Office Buildings--Willow Creek
  Presidents--United States
  Printing and Printing Presses
  Radio and Radio Broadcasting
  Railroad Companies--Great Northern
  Railroad Companies--Northern Pacific
  Railroads--Freight Cars
  Ranches and Ranch Life
  Resorts--Hot Springs--Bozeman
  Restaurants and Taverns
  Rivers and Streams
  Rivers and Streams--Boulder River
  Rivers and Streams--Bridger Creek
  Rivers and Streams--Clark Fork River
  Rivers and Streams--East Rosebud Creek
  Rivers and Streams--Gallatin River
  Rivers and Streams--Gibbon River
  Rivers and Streams--Idaho--Snake River
  Rivers and Streams--Madison River
  Rivers and Streams--Missouri River
  Rivers and Streams--Taylors Fork
  Rivers and Streams--West Gallatin River
  Rivers and Streams--West Gardiner River
  Rivers and Streams--Yellowstone River
  School Buildings
  School Children
  School Classrooms
  Sheep Herders
  Sheep Ranches
  Sheep Ranches--Paint Branding
  Sheep Ranches--Shearing
  Shoemakers and Shoemaking
  Snow and Ice
  Springs--Hot Springs--Bozeman
  Springs--Hot Springs--Wyoming--Beryl
  Springs--Hot Springs--Wyoming--Mammoth
  Springs--Hot Springs--Wyoming--Yellowstone
  Street Scenes--Absarokee
  Street Scenes--Belgrade
  Street Scenes--Billings
  Street Scenes--Bozeman
  Street Scenes--Butte
  Street Scenes--Ennis
  Street Scenes--Gardiner
  Street Scenes--Miles City
  Street Scenes--Three Forks
  Street Scenes--Twin Bridges
  Surveyors and Surveying
  Trucks and Trucking
  Universities and Colleges
  Winter Scenes
  Yellowstone National Park--Wyoming
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Title: Mule Train on the 1100 ft. Level, Rarus Mine, Butte, Montana
Date: ca 1900 
Location: Butte, Montana
Photographer: Unknown Photographer
Description: Mule Train on the 1100 ft. Level, Rarus Mine, Butte, Montana. Vintage 3.5x7 in. stereoview, 4x5 in. copy negative.
Format: image/jpeg
Source: Museum of the Rockies Photo Archive
Rights: Copyright restrictions available from the Museum of the Rockies Photo Archive
Catalog Number: x85.2.590 
Title: Sweet Pea Parade, Sweet Pea Festival, Bozeman, Montana
Date: August 29-30, 1911 
Location: Bozeman, Montana
Photographer: Schlechten Bros.
Description: Sweet Pea Parade, Bozeman, Montana. Vintage 3.5x5.5 in. post card
Format: image/jpeg
Source: Museum of the Rockies Photo Archive
Rights: Copyright restrictions available from the Museum of the Rockies Photo Archive
Catalog Number: x78.30.13 


 Museum of the Rockies, Montana State University - Bozeman